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Bring your end-of-life textiles to Sortti Stations

The Sortti waste stations of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY have received nearly 120,000 kilograms of waste textiles in the last 10 months. Sortti Stations accept all damaged and end-of-life clothing and household textiles. However, waste textiles brought to Sortti Stations should be dry and mould-free.

Most of the material of waste textiles can be used as recycled material for new products. Recycling of textiles is one of HSY’s means to reach a 60-percent waste recycling rate in the Helsinki region by 2025.

Sortti Stations accept damaged and end-of-life clothing and other textiles, such as jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts, bed sheets, towels and tablecloths. Textiles do not have to be washed, and they can be stained to be accepted by Sortti Stations. But please note that blankets, pillows, rugs, underwear and socks should not be placed into waste textile containers. In addition, textiles should be dry, odourless and mould-free. Wet and mouldy textiles can spoil a large batch of recycled textiles if placed into a waste textile container.

Undamaged products in good condition could be taken to Kierrätyskeskus (Reuse Centre) or other recycling centres, second-hand stores or charity organizations, in order that they can be reused in their original purpose of use. 

Sortti Stations charge 10 euros per cubic metre or 2 euros per 200-litre bag for waste textiles, which is about half of the charge for mixed waste. It is recommended that bags are not completely full, so that they can be placed into waste textile containers with ease. 

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Sortti Stations have received nearly 120,000 kilograms of waste textiles – please bring only dry, odourless and mould-free products (a bulletin by HSY in Finnish)

Photo: HSY