Commuter train at a station.

Contract for train services awarded: VR will continue to operate HSL train services

VR will continue to operate HSL train services also in the future. The Executive Board of HSL decided on the matter on 5 May 2020. The contract term is 10 years commencing June 2021.

The aim of the tendering process was to improve the quality and financial sustainability of train services in the Helsinki region. These goals were achieved.

As a result of the tendering process, the cost of some tasks included in the contract decreased by as much as 40 per cent compared with 2015. The total savings are estimated to be €275 million (about 24 per cent) over the course of the 10-year contract. The new contract offers significant efficiency measures and further price reductions from the current level.

In addition to the price, special attention was paid to improving the quality of train services and customer service.

Under the new contract, HSL assumes greater responsibility for the level of service of train services and, for example, passenger information on trains.

The contract includes the operation of train services and rolling stock maintenance. HSL provides the rolling stock, leased from Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oy, a rolling stock company owned by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Ten year contract to commence in June 2021

The new contract will commence on 27 June 2021 and run for ten years, with an option to extend for a further three years. The contract is worth €36 million per year, or about €400 million over the entire contract period.

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