Tram 9 going to Jätkäsaari.

Do you want to influence the development of tram services in the capital region?

Tram services in the capital region will undergo rapid changes in the 2020s. New rail lines will be constructed across the region and light rail lines will be introduced. There will also be changes to the existing routes.

Before we start planning new tram routes, we will collect some baseline data through a resident survey. You can complete our travel survey in  Maptionnaire. The survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You are welcome to compete the survey even if you do not use public transport. The survey is open until 3 November.

The survey is for people who travel in Helsinki, eastern Espoo or East Vantaa. In these areas, new rail lines are being constructed or will potentially be constructed in the coming years. The review covers the current tram network in Helsinki, including the planned extensions, light rail line 550 (Jokeri light rail line), as well as the Laajasalo, Vihdintien, Vantaa, Viikki-Malmi and Tuusulanväylä light rail lines that are in planning.

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Photo: Antti Pulkkinen