Items being loaded into a touring waste collection vehicle

Domestic hazardous waste, scrap metal and electric and electronic devices accepted for recycling – waste collection vehicles tour from 31 August

The touring waste collection vehicles of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY begin touring neighbourhoods in the region on Monday, 31 August. Touring waste collection vehicles accept waste free of charge, including scrap metal, electric and electronic devices, and domestic hazardous waste such as energy saving light bulbs, paint and chemicals. The vehicles tour Helsinki from 31 August to 19 October. 

Timetables and stops of touring waste collection vehicles

How to act at a waste collection stop 

The autumn 2020 waste collection tour is carried out with due attention to the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure that you only come to a waste collection stop when fully well. Also make sure to maintain good hand hygiene and a safe distance between yourself and other customers and the staff.   

Domestic hazardous waste, electric and electronic devices, and scrap metal are accepted by different waste collection vehicles. Collection sessions can be run smoothly when all waste is sorted at home. 

  • Waste collection vehicles for electric and electronic devices accept, for example, coffee makers and other small electric and electronic devices, refrigeration equipment, washing machines and televisions.
  • Waste collection vehicles for scrap metal accept single domestic metal items such as wood-burning sauna stoves, chain-link fencing, frying pans and pots.
  • Waste collection vehicles for domestic hazardous waste accept, for example, paint, solvents, automotive batteries, energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent lamps. 

The types of waste accepted by touring waste collection vehicles 

HSY requests that the customers who drive to waste collection stops should pay attention to the available space and park further away from the stop, as each stop has to accommodate 4–5 waste collection vehicles at a time. 

Touring waste collection vehicles ease waste recycling 

Touring waste collection vehicles can carry only a limited amount of waste. Large waste amounts such as full trailers can be delivered directly to one of HSY’s Sortti Stations. All waste fractions accepted by touring waste collection vehicles are also accepted free of charge at Sortti Stations. 

The HSY waste collection tours are meant only for materials and items that cannot be reused as such. Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre – Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskus – will organize a separate tour of their collection vehicles during the autumn. Reuse vehicles accept small domestic items in good condition and suitable for reuse. 

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Timetables and stops of touring waste collection vehicles 

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Photo: HSY