Artist’s impressions of the Lakiakangas 3 wind farm.

Helen to significantly increase its wind power production

Helen’s wind power production will increase fivefold by 2022. The Lakiakangas 3 wind farm project is a major step towards increasing renewable wind power: the project will be implemented in partnership with CPC Finland in Ostrobothnia, close to the town of Kristiinankaupunki. Energy generated by the new wind farm will be available to Helen’s customers in 2022.

In addition to the wind farm, Helen and CPC Finland will set up an electricity transmission company, which will be responsible for transmitting the electricity generated by the wind farm to the national grid. The total investment of the project is almost EUR 100 million. Helen owns 60 per cent and CPC Finland 40 per cent of the joint undertakings.

The wind farm Lakiakangas 3 consists of 20 turbines with a total power output of 86 MW. The objective is to expand the wind farm with another three turbines at a later date. Helen will purchase all of the electricity generated by the wind farm company, and it will provide the company with electricity market services.

The permits needed for the operations have been granted for the wind farm company, and the construction work of the farm is underway. The first turbines in the area will be erected in spring 2021, and wind power production will start towards the end of 2021. Helen’s customers will be able to purchase wind power generated by the farm in 2022. The Lakiakangas 1 and Lakiakangas 2 wind farms located nearby have been in production since 2017 and 2019.

Wind power is one of the means towards carbon neutrality

Last year, Helen produced 70 gigawatt-hours of wind power per year through its associated company Suomen Hyötytuuli. As a result of the Lakiakangas 3 project, Helen’s wind power production will increase to 350 gigawatt-hours per year. In addition, the ongoing investments in associated companies will also increase Helen’s wind power production.

Helen’s target is carbon-neutral energy production in 2035. Wind power is one of a number of means of achieving the carbon neutrality target in a profitable way.

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Image source: CPC Finland Oy