Smart as HEL -event at the Think Corner.

Learn about AI, learning and future skills at Think Corner

Smart as HEL events examine the intersections of accelerating digitalisation and human skills. What happens when artificial intelligence starts making decisions for us? What kind of a future are schools creating? How can you recharge a brain overwhelmed by smart devices, a deluge of information and hurry?

Come to Think Corner November 25 - December 5 to learn about artificial intelligence, learning as well as future knowledge and skills. Follow events on the spot, stream them live online, or view recordings later! We will be publishing Smart as HEL content also on the Think Corner YouTube channel and as podcasts (in Finnish).

Pro­gramme in Eng­lish

Tue 3.12. 4 pm Värkkää ja törkkää

Thu 5.12. 5 pm Pub Quiz