Seurasaari Christmas Path 15.12.2019 at 12-18.

Lucia is crowned at Helsinki Cathedral on Friday and Seurasaari Christmas Path on Sunday

The Seurasaari Christmas Path (Joulupolku) Sunday 15th of December at 12pm – 6pm is a free pre-Christmas event for families with children in the Helsinki region, offering visitors peeks into the fairy-tale world, old-time Christmas and the message of the first Christmas.

In 2019 the Christmas Path is being organised for the 24th time. In 2019 the Christmas Path is being organised for the 24th time. Mrs. Jenni Haukio, the spouse of the President of the Republic, is the patron of the event

There are several different kinds of events along the Christmas Path, including play and sing-song, a Christmas play, face painting, horse cart driving, a whipsled and a straw labyrinth, a candle path, a fire exhibition, a slow-burning log fire and bun roasting over a campfire as well as Christmas porridge for the children. Animals of the forest walk around the Christmas Path handing out gingerbread to the children while Father Christmas and Old Lady Christmas listen to the children’s gift wishes.

Bus route 24S (Postikatu-Seurasaari) will provide additional services to Seurasaari on Sunday 15 December due to a Christmas event taking place in Seurasaari. Bus 24S will depart from the “Postitalo” stop (H2038) and run directly along Mechelininkatu.

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Lucia is crowned at the Helsinki Cathedral

Lucia celebrates 70 year anniversary.

Saint Lucia celebrations light up the winter and warm people’s hearts every year on December 13. On December 13, Lucia is crowned at Helsinki Cathedral at 5 pm and parade through the city centre starts at 6 pm.

Tram routes 2, 3, 4 and 7 will be diverted on 13 December about 5.30pm to 7pm due to the Lucia parade. Replacement buses 3X and 4X will be running.

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Peeks into the fairy-tale world and old-time Christmas celebration on Seurasaari Christmas Path