Map of Malmi airport area

Malmi Airfield area in transition – general plan for temporary uses completed, ski tracks built in winter 2020

As zoning is completed and development proceeds, Malmi Airfield will serve the citizens of Helsinki as a venue for diverse events and as a recreational site tens of hectares in size. In addition, the area will have storage sites and other activities supporting construction.  

The City of Helsinki has drawn up a general plan for temporary uses in the area as well as an associated map of temporary uses for 10 years into the future. The map includes both existing and new recreational routes and sites reserved for various activities.

“The total size of the area is about a hundred hectares, so naturally not everything can be completed overnight. However, the general plan provides a framework for new plans and various activities carried out stepwise in the area,” says project manager Kimmo Kuisma of City Executive Office.

Ski tracks as early as this winter 

Plans for the area include a number of pedestrian, cycling and cross-country ski routes as well as recreational and events sites. There are plans for a new snow dumping site and possible new temporary spaces for vocational training and boat winter storage. The goal is to retain and to utilize the area’s grassy fields for recreational uses respecting the area’s natural values.

The City of Helsinki is prepared to provide conditions for winter sports such as skiing and skating in parts of the airfield area as early as winter 2020.

In addition to the recreational and ski routes encircling the area today, plans for the grassy fields include new 1.5- and 5-kilometre-long ski tracks. The total length of maintained ski tracks would be about 6 kilometres. Skiers could also open their own tracks in the grassy fields.

“In addition to sports, the area could have urban gardens and sports fields, and it could host concerts and picnics. We’re hoping that city residents will take ownership in the area and create new urban culture in it,” Kuisma asserts.

Area planned for 25,000 residents 

The development of Malmi Airfield and the vicinity will commence in the 2020s. The area will be home to 25,000 residents – as many as a small Finnish town – and have a couple of thousand of jobs.

The airfield area will be built stepwise. Construction will start from the southern end of the area in the beginning of the 2020s and continue to the end of the 2040s as detailed plan revisions proceed. The first new housing area to be constructed will be Nallenrinne.

According to plan, the Malmi Airfield area will have 13,500 new homes, to be completed at the rate of 400–600 new homes in a year.

Plans on a map in larger size


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