A multi-compartment waste collection vehicle of HSY

Reduced waste collection fees to encourage residents to recycle – water fees to go up to secure network maintenance

The right pricing of waste management services encourages residents to sort and to recycle their waste. Waste sorted for recycling will be increasingly affordable to properties. Water fees will go up to secure the future maintenance of the water management network as well as investments such as the construction of the Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant. New waste and water services fees will be applied as of the beginning of 2021.

The goal of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) is to encourage residents to sort their waste increasingly carefully, in order to raise the rate of recycling to 60 percent. Today, households recycle 46 percent of their waste.

Pricing policies to encourage recycling 

The household rate of recycling has increased moderately in the Helsinki metropolitan area in recent years, which shows that the pricing of waste reused as raw materials for new products supports an increase in the rate of recycling. The waste collection fee for plastic-packaging and cardboard waste containers will be lowered by 8 percent on average, the fee for biowaste by 7.4 percent, and the fee for glass and metal by 7.8 percent.  

The waste collection fee for unsorted-waste containers, that is, containers for mixed waste, will go up by 10 percent on average. The waste collection fees of properties are affected by the size of containers and the frequency of collection. By the type of property, collection fees will go up by 4.2 percent on average. 

According to waste management regulations, as of 2021 biowaste, plastic, glass and cardboard packaging, and small metal items will be collected separately from properties with no less than five housing units. For properties with 5–9 housing units, a new type of multi-compartment waste container provides an efficient container solution for packaging materials and small metal items that takes the least amount of space.

The services of Sortti Stations to expand next year 

The services of HSY’s Sortti waste stations will improve during 2021. Among other improvements, the opening hours of the Konala Sortti Station will be extended to the weekend if the station receives an environmental permit for extended hours.

In addition, the waste services of Sortti Stations will be expanded by opening new services at the locations of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus). The fees for some waste will be raised, including those for combustible and noncombustible unsorted waste and stone materials, to offset cost increases.

Waste management fees are used to cover some of the free-of-charge services for households, such as the collection of hazardous waste, the touring waste collection vehicles of HSY, waste information, and Sortti Station operations.

Moderate price increases in water services  

The water consumption fee and the water services basic rate will go up by 2.8 percent on average. The water consumption fee including value-added tax will go up from 1.48 euros to 1.53 euros per cubic metre. The water consumption fee is based on the amount of water used by the property. The wastewater fee will also go up: the fee including value-added tax will go up from 1.75 euros to 1.79 euros per cubic metre.

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