Merry Christmas / Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki

Tips for celebrating a smart Christmas - avoid unnecessary things, sort correctly

Sorting the waste is important during Christmas as well. Reduce the amount of waste by celebrating Christmas without unnecessary things. Favour durable items and items without packaging. You can easily reduce the amount of food waste during Christmas by buying reasonable amounts of Christmas food.

During Christmas, there will be a lot of packaging waste, which means that collection points and property waste bins should be filled patiently. The gift wraps and packaging can wait for a bit, for example, in the storage room, if the waste bins are full.

Instructions for sorting:

  • Aluminium tins, tealight shells and other aluminium waste belongs in the metal waste.
  • Gift wraps belong in the mixed waste.
  • Broken Christmas decorations, such as Christmas balls and glitter ribbons and candle lanterns belong in the mixed waste as well.
  • Sort stearin, candle leftovers and glass tealights in the mixed waste. Candle lanterns of glass cannot be recycled as glass. Plastic shells of lantern and graveyard candles are mixed waste as well.
  • Confectionery box cardboard covers should be put into the carton waste containers. The plastic wrapper of the box and the plastic underside belong in the plastic waste. Flatten the packaging boxes to save space before throwing them away.
  • Broken LED-candles and light chains are recycled as electrical and electronic equipment, not as mixed waste.
  • If you use old, previously bought tin for traditional New Year casting, remember that it is hazardous waste, as it contains a lot of lead. Used tin can be taken to a container for hazardous waste or to a Sortti-station, free of charge.
  • Food waste and ham fat does not belong in the drain or the toilet bowl. Food waste is recycled as bio waste.

The New Year holidays affect the emptying of the waste bins

The Christmas week waste transports start exceptionally on Sunday 22.12. Waste is not collected on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 24–25 December. During the holidays, waste bins are emptied at 7 AM at the earliest. Further info (in Finnish): Turn of the year waste transports

The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) collects Christmas trees in connection to the emptying of the bio waste and mixed waste bins in January–February. Leave the tree visible near the waste shed or the waste bins.

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)