Tram and bus stops and routes in Sörnäinen from 4 May 2020.

Tram routes 1 and 8 will resume serving Sörnäinen Metro Station from 4 May

Trams 1 and 8 will start running via Helsinginkatu and the Sörnäinen Metro Station from 4 May. Trams 6T and 7 will continue to be diverted via Sturenkatu. In addition, there will be changes to the locations of bus stops by the Sörnäinen Metro Station.

The tram stop in the direction of Töölö is relocated to the Helsinginkatu side of the junction. The stop for northbound trams will be in the middle of the street, almost at the same place as before. Tram stops are relocated to opposite sides of the junction of Hämeentie and Helsinginkatu to improve the reliability of services and the operation of the stops. Contrary to previous information, trams 6T and 7 will continue to be diverted via Sturenkatu.

Stops for northbound buses will reopen at their original locations between Vilhonvuorenkuja and Kulmavuorenkatu but in the future, there will be only two stops. The southern stop will be used by northbound buses running along Mäkelänkatu, the northern stop by northbound buses running along Hämeentie. The bus stop in the direction of the city center will be relocated to the north side of Helsinginkatu.

Entrances to the Sörnäinen Metro Station are located in Vaasanpuistikko and in front of the buildings at Hämeentie 54 and Hämeentie 29. Both lifts at the station will be open from 4 May.

With the re-opening of tram tracks in Sörnäinen, the temporary tram stop by Urheilutalo on Helsinginkatu will be closed and the normal stops by Urheilutalo will reopen. However, the bus and tram stops on Porvoonkatu will remain closed because trams 3, 6T and 7 as well as bus 51 cannot use the stops without causing congestion. The stops will reopen when the number of trams running along Läntinen Brahenkatu is reduced.

Reconstruction progressing nicely

The reconstruction of Hämeentie is coming along nicely as a whole. At the end of March, 89 per cent of the new water pipes had been installed, 90 per cent of the excavating was done, 98 per cent of the quarrying was completed, 62 per cent of the tramways were installed and 25 per cent of the stonework was done.

The whole reconstruction will be completed at the end of 2020. “There will presumably be less surprises in the final stages of the project than in the beginning. The water and drainage pipes in the deepest parts have been replaced almost completely and the construction work has progressed from the bottom towards the surface.  As the risks have diminished, we have become increasingly confident that the project will be completed by the end of the year”, says head of unit Jarkko Karttunen at the City of Helsinki.

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