Lauttasaari metro station

West metro stations honoured with the Nordic Lighting Design Award 2020

Länsimetro (West metro) stations project was announced as the winner of the Nordic Lighting Design Award 2020 on a Facebook Live event on May 20th.

The Helsinki metro system’s western extension (Länsimetro) opened in the autumn of 2017 and expanded the metro network from Helsinki to the neighbouring city of Espoo. The 14 km extension has eight new metro stations: Lauttasaari, Koivusaari, Keilaniemi, Aalto University, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu, and Matinkylä. Each station has its own identity, which was created by the synergy of architecture, art, and light. Lighting of the station’s public spaces was designed by VALOA design. 

Jury states, “The lighting is a very well-integrated part of the architecture. There is a great variety among different stations, and yet every station remains within the lighting concept as a whole. Every station is unique but still – even in this huge project – one can see the resemblance between them. Ingenuity best describes this project – the lighting designers have been very successful in developing and applying many different solutions. The jury also very much appreciates how light is used on vertical surfaces and behind glass. This gives the feeling of a larger space and facilitates orientation.”

Nordisk Lyspris or the Nordic Lighting Design Award was created by the Nordic Light Committee in the year 2000. The award is primarily awarded to especially remarkable lighting installations using daylight or artificial light, that in an exemplary way combine aesthetics, architecture, technology, quality, and energy. Originality and creativity are given great weight when evaluating.

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Photo: Petri Vuorio.