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Basic education in Helsinki guide for international families published

Options for basic education in Helsinki guide

The guide is a useful tool for new families who would like to know more about basic education in English, bilingual education and other options in different languages that Helsinki has to offer.

“I believe the guide comes especially handy for families who are planning to move or have just moved to Helsinki. Settling in to new city can take time, and with this guide we want to help new Helsinki residents adapt to their new hometown and life in Finland,” says Education coordinator Anni Holopainen from the Education Division.

Options for basic education in Helsinki guide is available as a printed brochure and as online version at the accessible julkaisut.hel.fi. The printed guide will be posted to schools, libraries, internationally recruiting companies in the Helsinki region and to other partners and stakeholders.

Learn more: Basic education in different languages

You can learn more about the different options and admissions on the renewed hel.fi pages Basic education in different languages.

In addition, the Tervetuloa kouluun guide for first-graders parents, which is posted to homes every year, now has an English translation available online at hel.fi/welcometoschool. Check it out today!


Information materials
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Communications specialist
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Educational enquiries and admissions
Anni Holopainen
Education coordinator
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