Customer survey of basic education pupils and guardians

Customer survey of basic education pupils and guardians focuses on themes of studying, cooperation, well-being and learning environments. We will be using the feedback collected from pupils and their guardians via the survey to develop basic education in Helsinki. By answering the survey between 3 and 23 February 2020, you will also have a chance of winning a gift card or a Helsinki cloth bag.

This year, the target group selected for the basic education customer survey consist of the 1st, 5th and 8th graders of the City’s Finnish- and Swedish-language schools and their guardians. The survey includes a total of 22 statements about the following themes: studying and the support thereof, cooperation between home and school, pupil well-being and the learning environment.

Schools will be sending guardians a Wilma message at the start of February with a link to the survey. If you have more than one child in these grades, please answer the survey between 3 and 23 February for each child separately. Pupils will answer the survey in class. Answering the survey will take approximately 10 minutes. The survey is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Answers will be processed confidentially, and the answers of individual guardians cannot be differentiated. Guardians will be notified of the results of the customer survey in spring 2020.

All respondents who also submit their contact details will be entered into a prize draw for one EUR 100 and three EUR 50 gift cards for Helsinki Adult Education Centre or Helsingfors Arbis courses and 10 Helsinki cloth bags. The survey is being conducted in collaboration with Digitalist Group. If you have any questions about the survey or answering it, please send an e-mail to