Next autumn’s first-graders to enrol for school in January

The compulsory education note has been posted to homes at the start of the year

Next autumn’s first-graders were sent a ‘Tervetuloa kouluun’ (Welcome to school) guidebook in early November with comprehensive information on starting school. In the beginning of January, the compulsory education note has been posted to homes. The note lists the child’s local school and instructions for school enrolment. You can find more information on starting school at

Electronic school enrolment is preferred

Guardians can enrol their children for the local school specified in the compulsory education note at during 13–29 January 2021. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Due to the current coronavirus situation, it is recommended to enrol electronically and avoid a physical visit to the school.

If guardians are unable to enrol a child electronically, they may enrol their children by visiting the school on Wednesday 20 January 2021 8 am–10 am or 5 pm–7 pm. If the school operates in more than one location, enrol at the main school. The enrolment events will be held in compliance with current hygiene, safety and face mask guidelines in facilities that offer sufficient space for maintaining safe distances. Even at the school, the enrolment is conducted electronically at The schools provide computers for the enrolment.

In some cases, you can only enrol in person at the school: for example if a child is starting school a year later than what is statutory, or if a child has granted permission for extended compulsory education. If a child wants to apply to a school other than the assigned local school, school enrolment should be done by visiting the school that the child wants to apply to.

Roughly 6,600 children to start school in Helsinki in the autumn

The first day of school of the 2021–2022 school year is Wednesday 11 August 2021 for Finnish-speaking schools and Monday 16 August 2021 for Swedish-speaking schools.

More details from the information service

The Education Division’s information service will assist you with any questions you may have about enrolment, tel. 09 310 44986. Open on weekdays 10 am–12 pm noon and 1 pm–3 pm. Guidance regarding electronic enrolment is available during 13–29 January on weekdays 8 am–6 pm on tel. 09 310 88800.

If you have not received the compulsory education note by post in early January, please call one of the following numbers:

  • Tel. 09 310 44986 (Finnish-language schools)
  • Tel. 09 310 86224 (Swedish-language schools)