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Helsinki develops comprehensive school activities by an extensive customer survey

The customer experience survey of pupils and guardians focuses on studying, cooperation, well-being and learning environments. The survey is open from 7 February until 7 March 2022.

Feedback from pupils and their guardians is essential because the city develops the school activities based on it. This year, the basic education customer survey’s target group consist of the 1st, 5th and 8th graders of the City’s Finnish- and Swedish-language comprehensive schools and their guardians.

“I hope that as many as possible will take the opportunity to respond to the survey and give feedback on our service. It is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and participate in the continuous development of education in Helsinki,” says Niclas Rönnholm, Head of Swedish-language Basic Education.

The previous customer survey conducted in 2020 revealed common development themes for the city schools, including communication, pupil involvement and communality, promoting a peaceful classroom environment and tackling bullying. Each school also identified two concrete actions based on their respective school-specific results. 

This year’s survey includes a total of 22 statements covering the following themes: studying and the support thereof, cooperation between home and school, pupil well-being and the learning environment.  

Schools will send the guardians a Wilma message with a link to the survey. Guardians with more than one child in these grades are kindly asked to complete the survey for each child separately. Guardians can take the survey in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian or Arabic. Pupils will answer the survey in class in Finnish or Swedish. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete on a computer, smartphone or tablet. All answers will be processed confidentially, and the answers of an individual pupil or guardian cannot be identified.

The customer survey will be conducted by the City of Helsinki Education Division. Feedback and enquiries related to the survey can be sent to kasko.asiakaskokemuskysely@hel.fi

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