Riku Ounaslehto

Helsinki to approach families with babies proactively

Starting next autumn, Helsinki will send all Helsinki-resident guardians of babies aged 2–4 months a message via the Suomi.fi service or a letter by post. Guardians will be provided with information about early childhood education and the application process. They will also be directed to the Asti online service where they can start planning their child’s early childhood education path.

When planning a child’s early childhood education path in Asti, the guardian can give an estimate on how long the child will be cared for at home and what early childhood education services the guardian would like to use at different stages. The information will be used when planning the admissions of early childhood education places, and in the future when early childhood education places will be offered to the families proactively.

As of next autumn, guardians who make an early childhood education plan for their child will receive a pre-completed early childhood education application in Asti. Later, Asti will remind the guardians to ensure the timely submission of the application.

“In our experience, many families have clear plans as to when the parents will return to work and how they would like to organise early childhood education when that time comes. We want to offer families the possibility to plan ahead. Making a plan does not bind the families in any way, but we are hoping that a new way of doing things would make a guardian’s day-to-day life a little bit easier”, says Ulla Lehtonen, Deputy Head of Early Childhood Education of the City of Helsinki