Helsinki’s revised curriculum for early childhood education and care has been published in English

The early childhood education and care (ECEC) curriculum of the capital city and its implementation exude the spirit of Helsinki. Children are allowed to be seen and heard as part of the city, and the entire city serves as a learning environment for children. The revised curriculum places particular emphasis on play and children’s engagement in activities.

The curriculum was refined over the course of 2019, especially in terms of learning friendship skills, preventing bullying and starting in a new group. Thoughts from children and guardians have been compiled into the themes. In accordance with the City of Helsinki’s strategy, the curriculum has been complemented in terms of language teaching, among other things. Now, for the first time, the ECEC curriculum has also been translated into English to serve non-Finnish or Swedish speaking residents of the city.

“It is important that the content of early childhood education and care is broadly known and constantly developed in interaction with families. We wanted to make communication more active with residents with a foreign background, as well as other interested people in Finland and abroad. With this in mind, we wanted to translate the tool that strongly steers early childhood education and care, the ECEC curriculum, into English as well,” says Early Education and Care Director Satu Järvenkallas.

ECEC is part of Helsinki’s care and education system and an important step on a child’s path through growth and learning. High-quality early childhood education and care promote equality and prevent social exclusion. A city that is open and community-centred, encourages engagement and listens to every child is being built together with children.

The City of Helsinki’s ECEC curriculum was updated to correspond with revised legislation and the National Core Curriculum for ECEC set by the Finnish National Board of Education. Helsinki’s ECEC curriculum governs the operations of the early childhood education and care providers in Helsinki, including private service providers, and covers all forms of ECEC. The ECEC curriculum serves as a tool for ECEC personnel and guides the pedagogic content of their operations.

The ECEC curriculum in English