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How labour strike affects Education Division 3–9 May

The labour strike in the municipal sector taking place 3-9 May will have wide-ranging effects on services provided by the City of Helsinki. The employee organisations JUKO, JHL and Jyty are in labour strike.

The strike will affect all levels of education including early childhood education, basic education, general upper secondary education, vocational education and training, and adult education centres. Families of affected customers and students will receive instructions on the provision of services arrangements during the strike.

Only some of the daycare centres open

The strike will have a major impact on the city’s ability to provide early childhood and pre-primary education. Due to staff shortages, it is likely that only some of the daycare centres will be able to remain open during the strike. The number of staff coming to work during the strike will affect the number of children who can be admitted to the location, so it is possible that all of the children cannot be accommodated at some centres that remain open. The current estimate is that daycare will not be provided as usual. Customer fees will be returned at a later date for any absences occurring during the strike.

See list of daycare centres and other early childhood education units that are likely to stay open.

Pre-primary education will likewise be limited at daycare centres that are able to stay open. The indoor facilities of public playgrounds will be closed and playground activities suspended. Children can play at the playgrounds’ outdoor premises independently.

Basic education suspended

Basic education organised by the City of Helsinki in all Finnish and Swedish-language comprehensive schools will be suspended for the full duration of the 3–9 May strike.  Student welfare services (school social workers and psychologists) will not be available.

Despite the strike, school health services will be available at the schools and family health checks will be carried out as usual. School nurse will meet families at the school door for booked appointments.

Meal services at comprehensive schools will not be possible, due to staff shortages.

After-school activities arranged by private organisers will continue to be carried out during the strike. Snacks will be served at schools where after-school activities take place. School premises will be available for after-school activities from 12 pm noon to 5 pm.

Upper secondary studies to largely continue as independent study

In general, instruction in upper secondary schools and vocational education and training will continue to be provided as distance learning and independent study.

Student meal service is organised during the strike. Students can go to The Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute’s Hattulantie unit or at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages for a student lunch.

At some general upper secondary schools, the second-year students’ formal dance (Vanhat), postponed due to the pandemic, may have been rescheduled to take place during one of the days of the strike. Arrangements in this regard vary by school.

In addition, student welfare services (school social workers and psychologists) will not be available during the strike.

Student health services will be available and health checks will be carried out normally. School nurse will meet students at the school entrance at the agreed time.

In general, however, schools and educational institutes will be closed during the strike.

Adult education centre courses during the stirke

The strike will also affect the courses and services provided by the Helsinki Adult Education Centre and its Swedish-language equivalent Arbis. Most of the teaching will be cancelled and locations will be closed. Customer service will therefore be unavailable. Some of the teaching may however be provided as distance learning or as classroom instruction. Your teacher will inform you separately if and how the course will continue during the strike.

Municipal sector strike has major impact on Helsinki services

Daycare centres and early childhood education units that are open during the labour strike

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