Issues have occurred in the processing of applications for after-school activities

Unfortunately, there have been some technical challenges in the processing of individual applications for after-school activities for the next school year. According to current information, however, this is not a particularly large-scale issue.

Applications could be sent by secure e-mail or post

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, application forms could not be delivered directly to facilities; instead, they had to be sent to the Education Division by secure e-mail or traditional post by way of exception. Secure e-mail was introduced as a channel for submitting applications on a tight schedule, as the coronavirus restrictions made it difficult for families to deliver their applications directly to facilities or by post.

Due to technical issues, not all the applications submitted by secure e-mail were recorded by the system, which is why they have not been processed. If you have not received a decision by post, and the guardian submitted an application during the application period, the City will process the applications based on the same principle as the applications submitted during the application period. If you have not received this decision by post, guardians can e-mail to confirm the status of their application.

The application period for after-school activities to be held during the school year 2020–2021 started on 23 March and was extended to 8 May due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic in order for the application forms for as many children as possible to be processed before Midsummer. Applications submitted later in the summer will be processed from 27 July. All applicants will receive a place in after-school activities either at the facility they are primarily applying to or a facility located as near as possible.

After-school activities will begin with the start of the autumn term on 13 August for Finnish-language and on 18 August for Swedish-language comprehensive schools

The popular after-school activities in Helsinki are organised for 1st and 2nd grade pupils and special support pupils, for whom the City offers a place in after-school activities hosted either at playgrounds or schools. The City warmly welcomes the youngest comprehensive school pupils to varied after-school activities. The school day and after-school activities will also form a meaningful whole in the everyday life of young schoolchildren this autumn.