Hiidenkivi and Ressu comprehensive schools setting up a two-day pop up school at Oodi in late August

Come visit the pop up school at Helsinki Central Library Oodi on 29–30 August from 10:00 to 14:00. The event, which is open to everyone, offers visitors a chance to learn how comprehensive schools carry out phenomenon-based learning, among other things. The pop up school is being held at the same time as the defence and foreign affairs ministers of the European Union gather at Finlandia Hall.

This Thursday and Friday in the Kuutio space on the second floor of Oodi, some of the subject-matter experts of Hiidenkivi and Ressu comprehensive schools, namely teachers and 50 learners, will be showcasing their way of carrying out a period of phenomenon-based learning. The pop up school will cover a number of themes, one of them being the birth of civilisation. Visitors can follow the teaching on-site and present questions to the teachers and learners in Finnish or English. The event also offers visitors a chance to supplement their own knowledge in a genuine learning situation together with 5th, 6th and 9th graders.

The pop up school is a genuine learning situation, in which the learner is both a maker and a researcher. The role of the teacher is to steer the learner in learning and finding information.