Winter break at playgrounds

Schoolchildren’s winter break is once again in week 8, which is the week commencing on 21 February.

Day camps for schoolchildren

Some playgrounds will organise free-of-charge day camp activities for 1st to 3rd graders during the winter break week. Register your child for day camp activities by contacting the playground directly. You can register your child for the entire week or for individual days by contacting the playground. The number of places is limited.
You can inquire for vacancies throughout the break week. In day camps, children play in small groups, spend time outdoors every day and make excursions to nearby areas on foot.

Playground instructors are there for the children, and are responsible for creating a safe environment, i.e., ensuring that everyone gets to play in peace, equipment is safe to play with and schoolchildren are looked after.

Schoolchildren are insured while they are at the playground and on excursions. In order to ensure the children’s safety, it is important that guardians give their contact information to the playground instructors and also inform them of the time when the child will arrive at the playground and leave to go home.

The following playgrounds organise day camp activities: Tuorinniemi, Piika, Strömberg, Arabia, Linja, Sanna, Ruoholahti, Seppä, Kotinummi, Salpausselkä, Torpparinmäki, Kipinäpuisto, Lampi, Rusthollari, Linnunrata, Nurkka, Tullinpuomi and Isonneva.

Activities for the little ones

During the winter break week, playgrounds and family houses will also organise activities for children under school age and their families.

Activities for the little ones include playtime, exercise, music, crafts and meeting with other children and their families. The activities are free-of-charge and no advance registration is required. You can warm your own lunch at the playground and make coffee or tea.

The following playgrounds organise activities for the little ones: Orava, Kiiltotähti, Trumpetti, Intia, Lahnalahti, Loru, Maasälpä, Viikkari, Unikko, Mäkitorppa, Etupelto, Lohikäärmepuisto, Munkki, Tapuli, Kankarepuisto, Myllynsiipi and Family House Kajuutta.