All times’ Vappu at Home - Helsinki presents things to do this May Day

Traditional Vappu celebrations will not be organised in Helsinki this year and no gatherings should be held. To entertain Helsinki residents for Vappu at Home, a versatile programme is offered by the City of Helsinki and its partners. Vappu Eve is kicked off by the traditional Crowning of Manta, which takes place in virtual reality this year. The night goes on with JVG who are performing live in Virtual Helsinki and everyone can join from home with their own avatar.

Restrictions made to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus epidemic have caused the traditional Vappu celebrations to be canceled in Helsinki. According to the instructions from the officials, no gatherings should take place.

From 30 April to 1 May, the police will be visibly monitoring public order and safety in Helsinki’s city centre and elsewhere in the city. Helsinki Police Department

Youth work boosts outreach services, arranges star-studded livestream to celebrate Vappu

Online, the city has arranged a package of concerts from up-and-coming artists and content from YouTube celebrities and famous vloggers, in addition to special content from local youth centres. Peer mentors, the name given to young people who have volunteered to help out with youth work, have come up with interesting activities for their age group that are accessible via the Instagram, Whatsapp, SnapChat and Discord social media accounts of Helsinki’s youth centres.

Individual counselling is also available via the Sekaisin chat service, designed especially for young people. 

Vappu delicacies and flowers directly to your home

Vappu at Home becomes slightly more relaxed when you order the Vappu delicacies directly to your home. Tips on restaurants in Helsinki offering Vappu lunch or brunch to be enjoyed at home have been gathered on MyHelsinki-website. You can also delight a friend with a flower delivery!

Outdoor recreation and new virtual services

The Green Hearts park website invites people to discover Helsinki’s many delightful parks and guides visitors through the parks. Visitors to parks are advised to familiarize themselves with the do’s and dont’s of responsible outdoor recreation compiled by Suomen Latu – the Outdoor Association of Finland. 

Helsinki Art Museum – HAM for short – takes citizens on independent art tours: HAM has compiled information on 480 public artworks in Helsinki in a sculpture bank open to all. The museum serves and delights citizens with routes for independent sculpture viewing around various themes. 

Easter also allows you to immerse yourself in literature. Although libraries are closed, the eLibrary remains open allowing customers to borrow digital books and audiobooks.

Avoid visiting Suomenlinna

See Suomenlinna from a bird’s view via Skyview. Go to Skyview. History of the buildings map offers a great way to explore the fortress virtually. Go to the map.

Tuska will burn Helsinki’s new attraction where loneliness, fear, frustration and pain are handled collectively

A new monument will rise in Suvilahti, Helsinki and anyone can take part in shaping it. People are encouraged to participate with a series of short videos that instruct in easy, home-made art and handicraft projects. The first of the four videos will be published on April 30th as the community artwork in Suvilahti is opened, ready to rise nearly for a month. One can also take part in the project by making handicrafts at home just for fun without physically adding them to the monument or by joining conversation on social media under #asdamahel.

Social and health care services in Helsinki on May Day

If you suspect have contracted the coronavirus

If possible, make a coronavirus assessment on You will get instructions on the grounds of your symptoms.

If you have mild symptoms, stay at home.

If your symptoms require treatment and you do not manage with self-treatment, ring Helsinki Coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 310 10024 (weekdays 7-20). The helpline is open on Thursday 30 April 7–20 and closed on the First of May.  

At other times the Medical helpline, tel. 116 117.

Laakso and Malmi corona health stations are open on 30 April 8–18 and closed on the First of May.

Laakso corona health station is open on Saturday 2 May 9–16.

Health Stations

Health stations are open on Thursday 30 April 8–16 (Kalasatama is open 7–16).

Health stations are closed on the First of May.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care is provided on Wednesday on 1st of May 9–21 at Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4, building 12. Appointments can be booked 8–21 at 09 471 71110.  Night emergency duty is at Tölö hospital emergency department, Töölönkatu 40, tel. 040 621 5699.

Please always make an appointment by phone before seeking treatment for Emergency Dental Care.

Emergency Social Services and Crisis emergency support 24/7

Emergency Social Services and Crisis emergency support serve 24/7 also during the May Day. Emergency Social Services tel. 020 696 006 and Crisis emergency support tel. 09 310 44222.

In addition to the programme for the celebrations for Vappu, here is a listing on different bodies offering help and support also during Vappu.

May Day schedules for public transport 

Local buses in Helsinki (HSL) will operate less frequently according to summer timetables as of Monday 20 April. In addition, there will be no extended night bus services, and Saturday services will operate according to the Sunday timetable. Metro services will also switch to summer timetables as of Monday 27 April. 

As there will be no traditional May Day celebrations this year, no additional public transport services will be provided over the May Day bank holiday.

On May Day Eve, Thursday 30 April, public transport will operate according to Friday’s summer timetables. On May Day, Friday 1 May, public transport will operate according to Sunday’s summer timetables. 

The spread of coronavirus in public transport can be combated by keeping a safe distance from other passengers and taking care of hand hygiene. You should always carry hand disinfectant with you so that you can disinfect your hands as often as necessary. Hand disinfectant dispensers are also being installed at metro stations. 

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June 30th:

Manta and JVG's gig at Helsinki-kanava

Manta will be crowned in virtual reality

One of the dearest traditions of the Vappu Eve in Helsinki, the Crowning of the statue of Havis Amanda, will take place in virtual reality this year. This year, it is the Student Union of the University of the Arts (ArtSu) who are in charge and will carry out the crowning in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and Zoan Ltd, a company specialising in virtual technology, in a new and unique manner.  The crowning ceremony can be viewed on Vappu Eve  April 30, at 5.45.

Take part in JVG’s live gig at home

JVG will entertain people celebrating Vappu at Home by performing a live concert in Virtual Helsinki. You can join in the concert with smart phones or computers. Everyone who signs in on the gig may create their own avatar and with some luck spot themselves dancing on the virtual square with the others in the crowd. The audience is encouraged to participate with gestures, cheering and emojis that are communicated to the artists in the studio in real time. JVG – Eternal 1st of May. Thursday April 30 at 7 PM, Virtual Helsinki