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Autumn at museums offers Moomins, Vincent van Gogh, Tiepolo and Egypt of Glory

Helsinki's museums opened after lockdown in early June, to the delight and comfort of art lovers. All museums still recommend safety distances and careful hand hygiene, and the museums are advised to inform the public of the availability of hand sanitisers and ask visitors to stay home if they suffer from the slightest symptoms of illness.

Places for spontaneous music open at Helsinki City Museum in November

During the last decades, the scenes for independent music performances and the associated subcultures have had only few permanent or truly own places in Helsinki. However, dedicated and keen devotees have from time to time been able to create spaces where the activities have been self-defined and the music has blossomed on its own terms. The exhibition opens on 13 November.

Helsinki City Museum’s Exhibitions Time Machine, Helsinki Bites and Urban Food are open to the public, Children's Town is closed until further notice.  Access to the Museum is via the main entrance on Aleksanterikatu and there are signs for the walking direction in the museum. The number of participants on the events and tours arranged by the museum has been limited for security reasons. The Hakasalmi Villa and the Tram Museum are open as usual. There are still limits in place for the number of visitors allowed at a time in the premises and the personnel may limit the number of visitors per room. Burgher's House and the Worker Housing Museum are closed until further notice.

Visiting the Helsinki City Museum safely in autumn 2020 (in Finnish)

The HAM Helsinki Art Museum is testing the sale of electronic advance tickets on its website. Advance tickets can be bought for the preferred time at least until the end of August, but the goal is to keep selling e-tickets in the future as well. HAM exhibitions Gustafsson & Haapoja: Museum of Becoming, Vilho Lampi, Genderfuck 1900, Tove Jansson and Hemmo Siponen: Causers are open to the public, as is the HAM shop. Access to HAM is currently only via the entrance on Eteläinen Rautatiekatu in Tennispalatsi and there are signs for the walking direction in the museum. Card payments are preferred and the cloakroom is temporarily out of use. Coats and bags can be left in the storage boxes located in the ticket lobby. No public events are currently arranged in the museum premises.

HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Helsinki’s cultural centres reaches out to every Helsinki resident with their rich and diverse autumn programme

The Finnish Museum of Photography’s new K1 exhibition space opens in Kämp Galleria on 20 August

The opening exhibitions of the Finnish Museum of Photography’s new K1 exhibition space are the two photographic series Coco Chanel and An Evening with Marilyn by the Canadian Douglas Kirkland (b. 1934). The exhibitions highlight two iconic women, who understood the power of the visual. The Cable facotry will exhibit the works of photographer Sanna Kannisto (b. 1974), spanning a period of 20 years, until 13 September. The Skill of Wonder is a cross-section of the artist’s career, including her long-term photographic work at research stations in rainforests in South America and her more recent project at the Hanko bird observatory.

Museum of Photography Kämp Galleria Coco & Marilyn 20 August - 20 December 2020

Ateneum's autumn with works by Magnus Enckell

Painter Magnus Enckell (1870–1925) is known especially as a representative of Finnish symbolism. The extensive exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the work of one of the most significant names of the golden age of Finnish art, and presents him as a versatile cultural influencer, starting 23 October.

Ateneum’s autumn with Magnus Enckell

Amos Rex’s autumn with Egypt of Glory in collaboration with Kumu

Opening in October 2020, the Egypt of Glory exhibition will be displayed in two parallel locations: at Amos Rex in Helsinki and Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn. The rare two-part exhibition is based on one of the most important collections of Ancient Egyptian art and culture outside Egypt – the collection of Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy.

The exhibitions are inaugurated on consecutive days, on 9 October at Amos Rex and on 10 October at Kumu Art Museum.

Egypt of Glory at Amos Rex, 9 October 2020 - 21 March 2021

Autumn at Didrichsen offers introduction to Vincent van Gogh

The 55th anniversary of the Didrichsen Art Museum culminates on 5 September with an exhibition of works by Vincent van Gogh (1853 –1890). The heart of the exhibition comprises a selection of drawings from the early years of the artist’s career that are on loan from the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands. Becoming van Gogh follows the artist’s career in the early years, 1881–1886. The drawings tell about Van Gogh’s journey to becoming an artist, his preoccupation with drawing and his endeavours to put the world he observed onto paper.

Didrichsen, Vincent van Gogh 5 September 2020 - 31 January 2021

Moomins introduced in National Museum’s autumn season

Courage, Freedom, Love! The Moomins 75 exhibition takes the visitor on an adventure, encourages them to take on challenges and makes them think about the big questions in life. The exhibition is on display at the National Museum of Finland from 14 August 2020 to 28 February 2021.

Moomins at the National Museum

Patricia Piccinini's Between the Shadow and the Soul at Kunsthalle Helsinki

Australian Patricia Piccinini (b. 1965 Sierra Leone) is known for her human-like, anthropomorphic sculptures, where the relations between natural and artificial, human and environmental and viewer and artwork are essential. Piccinini's intriguing works combine fantasy with reality, the imagined with the real, and human with machine, making it impossible to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. The exhibition is open until 25 October.

Between the Shadow and the Soul

Tiepolo opens in September at Sinebrychoff Art Museum: Venice in the North

Venetian master Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696−1770) and his sons Giovanni Domenico (1727–1804) and Lorenzo (1736-1776) created a renowned and successful studio, which accepted orders from Venetian nobility and foreign princes and royalty. Wealthy collectors quickly caught an interest in Tiepolo’s arts and due to the lively trade in works of art, the artworks found their way into private collections in Sweden, Denmark and Russia as well.

Tiepolo − Venice in the North 17 September 2020 - 10 January 2021

Design Museum’s Soil Matters exhibition explores the materiality of soil and human activity

The Soil Matters exhibition explores the materiality of soil and how it is interwoven with human activity. The design industry steers consumer habits, thus contributing to the contamination of the land. The Soil Matters exhibition highlights how, among other factors, the glass and porcelain industries and new technologies have left their mark in the soil. In the exhibition, designers, artisans and artists explore the relation between human and soil through experimental design projects.

The Design Museum’s Soil Matters exhibition 4 September 2020 – 10 January 2021 

Review of Finnish architecture 2020 at Museum of Finnish Architecture

Finland’s biennial architectural review presents a cross-section of recent Finnish architecture of high standards as reviewed by a jury of experts. This year the jury selected fifteen architectural sites. According to the jury, the selections emphasised comprehensive quality-related aspects. At their best, the projects combine high-quality and creative architecture, a measured relationship with the environment, functionality, as well as ecologically sustainable building criteria.

Finnish Architecture 4 september 2020 - 28 February 2021, Biennial Review 2020

Mad Love exhibition at Kiasma continues until January

Seppo Fränti’s Collection consists mostly of contemporary Finnish art, with a focus on painting. Fränti has remained true to his vision and trusted his intuition: for him, art is not an investment but a passion. His diverse collection spans a wide spectrum of styles from powerful expressionism to subtle minimalism.

Mad Love

The Path to Hidden Knowledge exhibition at Villa Gyllenberg until 11 October

Villa Gyllenberg will close for renovation in autumn 2020. The museum will reopen at the end of 2021.
Lately, the art world has awoken more to the significant role occultism and esotericism have played in the history of modern art. Villa Gyllenberg’s exhibition The Path to Hidden Knowledge sheds light on the significance of these schools of thought in Finnish art during the period 1890–1950. The experiential exhibition leads you to the big questions, along the shaded paths to the sources of hope and light.

The Path to Hidden Knowledge 3 June - 11 October 2020

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