Calling all Helsinki residents to tell their true story of Helsinki Freedom

What is freedom? Where does it live? What makes a free city? Typically, we associate freedom with no rules, regulations or obligations. When it comes to cities, we think of big cities where you can disappear in the crowd. We at the City of Helsinki have our own thoughts on freedom, and we want you to join us in telling yours for an upcoming Helsinki Freedom mini documentary series.

Here in Helsinki we focus on different kinds of freedoms – the ones that we believe allow you and your loved ones to be truly free: Affordable education that allows you to fulfill your potential. Free healthcare that protects you and your children from bad luck. Trust and order that allow you to walk the streets with no fear. Employee benefits like parental leaves that allow you to both work and take care of your family. Well-maintained and safe public parks, forests, and beaches that allow you and your children enjoy nature for free. Clean air that guards your health.

We are creating a mini documentary series that celebrates these freedoms – the Helsinki way. We will work together with brilliant creators to present the world with our ideas of what it really means to be free. Join us. The result of this creative clash is an Instagram documentary series to be launched this spring. If you have a true story related to a particular Helsinki freedom, tell us about it.

As a foundation for the Helsinki Freedom series we name 10 freedoms that Helsinki provides its people.

  • Freedom to have it all 
  • Freedom to trial and error
  • Freedom to learn and grow
  • Freedom to take action
  • Freedom to feel at home
  • Freedom to be equal
  • Freedom to breathe
  • Freedom to speak your heart out
  • Freedom to love
  • Freedom to be fragile

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