Face mask distribution point in Helsinki.

Changes to the distribution points of masks intended for low-income people

Face mask distribution points in Helsinki have so far avoided congestion, and masks have been available at all locations since distribution began on the 21st of August. So far, some 26,000 people have received four-piece cloth mask packs in Helsinki.

However, visitor numbers have declined at the service points of the general distribution network, such as the premises of parishes and organisations. For this reason, distribution will be stopped in these service points as of the 14th of September.

Distribution will still be continued in connection with the normal customer operations of the Social Services and Health Care Division. In addition to this, masks will remain available at the following service points: Malmi community centre, Hanna Partnership House and Pihlajamäki Local Centre. Distribution will be performed at these service points during normal opening hours.

This week, masks will also be available at the Finnish Red Cross office in Herttoniemi (Siilitie 7 T) on Friday 11th of September from 15:00 to 19:00 and at the Finnish Red Cross office in East Helsinki (Korsholmantie 9 G) on Sunday 13th of September from 12:00 to 16:00.

Face masks recommended to reduce infections

According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the appropriate use of face masks can reduce infections by preventing droplets from spreading into the environment. THL recommends face masks to be worn in the following situations:

  • Passengers on public transport where close contact cannot be avoided
  • Persons on their way to be tested for the coronavirus and waiting for the test results, if they cannot avoid leaving their home
  • Passengers who have arrived in Finland from risk and are in transit from the point of arrival to quarantine, or if they cannot avoid leaving their home during the quarantine

Face masks can also be worn in other situations where it is not possible to avoid close contact.

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Face mask distribution points in Helsinki
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