West Metro. Photo Susa Junnola, City of Helsinki.

City Board proposes acquisition of five new Metro trains

The Helsinki City Board approved a project plan for new M300 Metro trains at its meeting of 23 September 2019. The total cost of the proposed project is EUR 40.7 million euros. The final decision on the project plan will be made by the Helsinki City Council. 

The project plan concerns an acquisition of five four-car Metro trains of series M300. The resulting expansion of the Metro fleet would allow the frequency of Metro trains to be increased, and it would ensure that the Metro system’s capacity would be adequate to meet the needs of increasing ridership as the West Metro expands. 

At the moment, the highest number of Metro trains in service is 36, which translates into 80-percent capacity utilization. The realization of a call option to acquire new M300 Metro trains and an increase in the fleet utilization rate would enable the number of trains to be increased to 43 from the end of 2023 onwards. 

The Metro operator Helsinki City Transport cannot serve expanding ridership by raising the utilization rate of the current fleet. Consequently, an acquisition of new Metro trains cannot be avoided. 

Price ceiling raised for the expansion and renovation of Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School

The City Board also approved for City Council consideration the raising of the price ceiling for the expansion and renovation of the Mäkelänrinne Upper Secondary School, stated in the expansion and renovation project plan, by 3.8 million euros. As a result, the total cost of the project without value added tax should be no more than 20.8 million euros without value added tax at April 2019 cost levels. 

The expansion and renovation project is part of the Urhea Campus construction at Mäkelänrinne, combining studies, sports and housing. The project plan comprises an extensive technical renovation in the current upper secondary school building and an expansion that will link the upper secondary school with Urhea Hall to be built at the same site and with student housing to be built at an adjoining site. 

Furthermore, the City Board approved a land use plan to be signed with VR-Yhtymä Oy related to a detailed plan alteration in the area of Maaherrantie in Veräjämäki. The purpose of the detailed plan alteration is to enable high-density residential development in the Oulunkylä Station area and on the Raide-Jokeri light-rail line under construction. 

All City Board decisions are posted on the decisions page (in Finnish).