City Board’s general grants and resident participation grants for 2020

The City Board allocated 864,200 euros in general grants and 786,100 euros in resident participation grants for 2020 in the last City Board meeting of 2019. The City Board also appointed the new Youth Council.

General grants provided by the City Board totalled 864,200 euros. The 2020 budget includes an appropriation of 2.1 million euros for grants provided by the City Board. General grant recipients are such organizations that operate outside of the fields covered by City of Helsinki committees.

Resident participation grants totalled 786,100 euros. Grants were provided for general-purpose, open and largely free-of-charge innovative activities serving Helsinki population groups in multiple ways. Activities supported with grants are to comply with the Helsinki City Strategy and to complement City operations. The activities must seek to improve public participation and the opportunities of citizens to make impacts, to strengthen communities, and to increase the general quality and appeal of neighbourhoods.

More information on grants provided by the City Board and the grant application process can be found in attachments to the meeting agenda (in Finnish).

City Board appointed Youth Council for 2020–2021

The City Board appointed the Helsinki Youth Council for 2020–2021. The duties of the Youth Council are to support and to advance youth participation and the opportunities of young people to make their voices heard, as well as to support and to advance the impact of youth activities in the city and on the planning, implementation and monitoring of the operations of City of Helsinki divisions.  

The new Helsinki Youth Council comprises 30 youth councillors, who were elected to their positions in youth council elections. The elections were organized by the Culture and Leisure Division’s Youth Services in schools and other educational institutions 11–22 November 2019. The elections were organized in cooperation with both City-owned and privately-owned schools and educational institutions. Voting took place digitally using the nVotes app with the school’s or educational institution’s email codes or with personal codes created for voters.

A total of 9,396 votes were cast in the elections, and voter turnout was 35.4%.

The members of the Youth Council are listed in the proposal to the City Board (in Finnish).


Next City Board meeting to be held in January

The City Board met for the last time in 2019 on 16 December. The City Board will continue to meet on Mondays in 2020. The first meeting of the spring season will be held on 13 January and the last meeting of the season on 22 June.

The City Board will not meet on 17 February and on 13 April. The spring season’s morning meetings will take place on 26 March, 23 April and 28 May.

All decisions of City Board meetings are available on the decisions release page. A decisions release is posted on the page until meeting minutes are published. City Board meeting minutes are available here. (All pages and documents are in Finnish.)