Vallila. Photo: City of Helsinki.

City leases nearly 2,500 apartments to employees

One of the employee benefits provided by the City of Helsinki is rental housing. The City has revised the rules for providing housing benefits to employees, so that employees of sectors suffering from workforce shortages are prioritized in the allocation of housing. 

According to the new policy, City of Helsinki rental housing for employees is linked to employment, and lease agreements on apartments are made for an indefinite duration. Previously lease agreements were made for a fixed duration. No deposits are charged on apartments to tenants. At the moment, employees recruited to jobs in early childhood education are prioritized in the allocation of rental housing. The policy of prioritization is checked regularly in accordance with the availability of workforce. 

The majority of City housing for employees consists of studio and one-bedroom apartments, but two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments will also be made available. The lease varies between 10.56 and 21.91 euros per square metre depending on the size and location of the apartment. 

The new policy concerns close to 2,500 apartments. The number of available apartments varies by the day. 

City-owned housing for City of Helsinki employees is leased by the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division’s housing services provider Stadin asunnot. 

Employment-related rental housing is available to all employees of City divisions, Central Administration and municipal enterprises (excluding Helsinki City Transport HKL and Service Centre, which lease their apartments to employees directly). To apply for an apartment, strong identification is required using either online banking codes or some other electric identification method. By applying for housing with the City of Helsinki e-services, applications can be updated later on. Read about application here (in Finnish).

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