The new Progress Pride flag was hoisted at the City Hall to mark the Pride Week.

City of Helsinki flies the Progress Pride flag at the City Hall

The new Progress Pride flag was hoisted at the City Hall to mark the Pride Week. The black and brown stripes of the flag refer to black and brown people. The light blue, pink and white colours are more familiar from the flag of transgender people.

The purpose of the Progress Pride flag is to make LGBTQ+ people visible, i.e. marginalised people within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other communities, who have played a crucial role in protecting the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

Helsinki is committed to promoting non-discrimination, equality and human rights in all city activities. The city has drawn up equality and non-discriminations plans for both employees and services, and they include numerous concrete measures for developing a city with a stronger foundation on human rights.

Progress Pride flag makes the minorities within a minority visible

Helsinki was the first public authority in Finland to visibly introduce the Progress Pride flag, which highlights the minorities within a minority. The organiser of the Helsinki Pride human rights event, the Helsinki Pride community, uses the new flag in its activities alongside the rainbow flag.

By using the Progress Pride flag, the city wants to display its overall commitment to promoting non-discrimination and equality, leaving nobody behind the development process. From now on, Helsinki's different services will use the flag alongside the rainbow flag.

In 2017, the City of Philadelphia added a brown and a black stripe to the rainbow flag. This was a statement for brown and black LGBTQ+ people and against racism. In 2018, Daniel Quasar made a new version of Philadelphia's Pride flag, adding the colours of the transgender flag. The Progress Pride flag has gradually grown more widespread. Using it was boosted by the global demonstrations in early 2020 against racism under the slogan Black Lives Matter.

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Photo: Kimmo Brandt, City of Helsinki Material Bank.