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City of Helsinki is developing its employer image

Helsinki wants to ensure the availability of employees in the years to come. An appealing employer image helps attract competent personnel.

The development of employer image is part of the efforts to improve the availability of labour for the City of Helsinki. The aim is to ensure the sufficiency of competent workers for all City services. Employer image development is coordinated by the HR department of the City Executive Office and carried out in close cooperation with the City’s divisions and public enterprises.

Employer image is formed by a good applicant experience, workplace operating culture and employee benefits, among other factors. City of Helsinki employs about 37,000 people under more than 1,700 separate titles.

Helsinki. Make a difference.

“Employee availability has emerged as one of the City organisation’s key strategic development targets, and reinventing the employer image plays a part in this regard. This time, we set off to develop our employer image in comprehensive cooperation with various divisions and public enterprises, with an aim of reaching a mutual understanding about how we present ourselves as an employer. In addition to developing a harmonised phraseology and visual image, we will build tools, structures and competence to enable a transition from recruitment marketing to wider development of our employer image in order to attract the best employees,” says Head of Strategic Resourcing Tarja Näkki, who has led the efforts to update the employer image.

The reinvented employer image is crystallised in the City’s joint slogan: “Helsinki. Make a difference.”
The new materials enable the City to harmonise its recruitment communications while still taking the special features of each division and public enterprise into account. The slogan crystallising the employer image as well as the supporting materials were created in cooperation with the communications firm Miltton.

“From the very start, it was clear that the City of Helsinki project group wanted to find a new way of developing the employer image according to the City’s strengths and in cooperation with Miltton and the City’s own experts. There was plenty to do in finding a unified and consistent way to talk about the operations of the largest employer in Finland. The solution was found by listening to the employees and managers of the City’s various divisions and enterprises. The slogan ‘Work that matters’ distils what unites the City of Helsinki personnel working under 1,700 separate titles down to three words. Since we are based in Helsinki, the joint project held special importance for us. We look forward to seeing the fruits of our shared efforts in the encounters people have with the staff of the most functional city in the world,” says Miikka Huhta of Miltton.

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Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki Media Bank.