Rowing boats.

City rowing boats delighting sea tourists in Helsinki for the fourth consecutive summer

The arrival of Skipper rowing boats on the shores of Helsinki for the summer is one example of the implementation of the maritime strategy of the city. The expansion of the maritime domain of the people of Helsinki supports the mobility and refreshment of the residents, as well as the success of maritime entrepreneurs.

‘We are constantly aiming to improve the accessibility of the archipelago and extend the usage of the shore areas. In accordance with our ‘The sea belongs to everyone’ theme, the maritime environment of the city is accessible to even those without their own boat, thanks to our cooperation with Skipper. The sea is available on a low threshold,’ says Special Planning Officer of Outdoor Services Minttu Perttula happily.

New free-of-charge rowing boat points available in Herttoniemi through participatory budgeting

OmaStadi is a participatory budgeting channel through which the City of Helsinki uses 8.8 million euros for the implementation of ideas from the residents. One of the ideas selected in the voting phase was a residents’ boat for the Herttoniemi area.

The rowing boat points in Laivalahti and Naurissalmi, carried out in cooperation with Skipperi, have proven to be quite popular even in the early days of June. This season will also see Skipper’s city rowing boats in Ramsaynranta, Munkkiniemi, where two boats are available, and Töölönlahti, where two boats will be brought during June. Another point will be opened in Vuosaari in June.

Other cities where Skipper is enabling rowing this season include Espoo, Kauniainen, Lohja, and Tampere.

City rowing boats are simple to reserve and use

The city rowing boats are reserved by using the Skipper application. The exact locations and other information of the boats are also shown in the app.

The fee for a rowing boat right for the entire summer is 49 euros, with the exception of Herttoniemi, where boats can be reserved free of charge.

One reservation is valid for three hours. Reservations can be made to start immediately or in one hour. The season started in June and will end on 31 October.

After using the boat, it must be returned to the same location it was taken into use from and marked as returned via the Skipper app.

Life vests are stored in the front hatch of the rowing boat and must be returned there after using the boat. Vests are available in adult and children’s sizes. All boats have a bailer scoop and sponge in the rear hatch. After rowing, the boat must be cleaned and the cleaning equipment returned to the rear hatch to ensure that the boat is in good condition for the next rower.

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Photo: Paavo Jantunen