Deputy Mayor Pia Pakarinen’s playground tour begins

Deputy Mayor of Education Pia Pakarinen is looking forward to her fourth playground tour. This time, the tour will begin at the Seppä playground at 12:00 on 7 June 2021.

“Summer lunches at playgrounds are a sure sign that summer has begun! I am very excited to grab a ladle and dispense meals after the long year overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis,” Pakarinen says. She encourages all children with families to get involved in playground activities. 

This summer, Pakarinen will head to ten playgrounds. In particular, Pakarinen is looking forward to discussions with families and staff. “During the long year of the coronavirus crisis, it has been partially possible to maintain contact through digital solutions and social media, but I am very much looking forward to having face-to-face discussions. The situation for children and young people has been difficult during the restrictions, and I want to hear the views of families and professionals in the field,” Pakarinen adds. During her term, Pakarinen has toured all of the City’s playgrounds.

Pakarinen is pleased that playgrounds can remain open this summer, too, to limited extent. Of the City’s more than 60 playgrounds, 33 will be providing guided activities and a playground lunch to Helsinki residents younger than 16 through the summer. “Last summer, we learned how to operate safely in terms of the coronavirus emergency. Everyone can now go to playgrounds to enjoy themselves without having to worry,” Pakarinen says.

Deputy Mayor Pia will be at playgrounds at lunch time 12:00 as follows:

  • 7 June Playground Seppä
  • 8 June Playground Lampi
  • 9 June Playground Munkki
  • 15 June Playground Soihtu
  • 18 June Playground Tullinpuomi
  • 21 June Lohikäärmepuisto
  • 23 June Playground Tuorinniemi
  • 24 June Playground Arabia
  • 29 June Playground Jalopeura
  • 28 June Playground Nuoli

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Photo: Sakari Röyskö