Sustainable Growth for Tourism -illustration. Image: dspmedia/Visit Espoo

Helsinki promotes tourism in many ways

Tourism has suffered the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine arguably more than any other sector. The City of Helsinki’s new program for tourism and events outlines several key priority areas for enabling the tourism industry to rise again. These include making sustainability more prominent in tourism and introducing knowledge-based management to the daily operations of the city and businesses.

The Sustainable Growth for Tourism: Southern Finland project also helps tourism companies recover from the pandemic and strengthen their competitiveness. The project creates new tourism products and services for international markets. It also aims to strengthen competence, sustainability and knowledge-based management in the companies.

This spring, companies can achieve an environmental certification and learn about knowledge-based management and cyber security

The spring will bring tourism businesses many opportunities to develop their activities and update their competence. At the beginning of May, companies can achieve environmental certification with de minimis aid. In the knowledge-based management workshop, companies can learn how to use data to develop their business. The project will also provide training on topical cyber security issues during the spring.

An easy way to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label

In early summer, the most important Sustainable Growth event is the coaching to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Sustainability will be vital for future tourism, so the project wants to help companies achieve the label as effortlessly as possible. Next autumn, there will also be many topical events for tourism companies, including productisation workshops, pilots, and marketing assistance.

Our project provides exceptional practical support to companies for recovery from the pandemic and business development. I have received positive feedback about the activities and praise for promoting the right issues from the companies’ viewpoint. Therefore, I urge all tourism entrepreneurs to join in and benefit from the offering,” says Jonna Pitkänen, Project Manager for the Sustainable Growth for Tourism: Southern Finland project in Helsinki.

The City of Helsinki implements the Sustainable Growth for Tourism: Southern Finland project with Enter Espoo Ltd, Turku Science Park Ltd and Forum Virium Helsinki.

The best way to get information about the project’s service offering is to subscribe to the newsletter and follow the project event calendar (in Finnish).

News photo: dspmedia/Visit Espoo