The traffic plan of the Jokeri Light Rail block in Itäkeskus

Helsinki City Council approves detailed plans for six areas

The Helsinki City Council assembled on 26 August for their first meeting of the autumn 2020 season. Some councillors attended the meeting virtually and others in person at the City Council Chamber. The meeting approved detailed plans for six areas, including areas in Jätkäsaari and Itäkeskus and for Vallisaari.

The Jätkäsaari detailed plan concerns the harbour area. The plan enables the construction of two mixed-use city blocks for residential and non-residential development. The central outdoor public space of these blocks is a square named Gibraltarinaukio (Gibraltar square) situated between the blocks. According plan, the square will be lined with commercial space, a day care centre and a community house serving the blocks.

Plan alterations in Itäkeskus related to Jokeri Light Rail 

The detailed plan alteration in Itäkeskus concerns the Itäkeskus Metro and bus station. The area is called the Itäkeskus Jokeri block in connection with the development and planning project, in accordance with the eastern terminal of the Jokeri Light Rail line to be built in the area in the 2020s. The plan allows the urban structure of Itäkeskus to be rendered denser as well as the construction of commercial space, other non-residential space, accommodation facilities and housing in this area, which is the most important public transport hub of eastern Helsinki. The plan also makes it possible to rebuild the local public transport terminal complex and thus to improve the quality of public transport services. 

The detailed plan alteration in the Kauppamyllyntie area concerns the Roihupelto industrial park in the vicinity of Viilarintie and, to a lesser extent, the southwestern part of Myllypuro. The plan alteration enables new non-residential construction in the vicinity of the Jokeri Light Rail stops to be built on Viilarintie and the construction of a new recreational centre focusing on sports and well-being at the juncture of Viilarintie and Kauppamyllyntie.

Nature tourism services planned for Vallisaari 

The detailed plan for Vallisaari concerns both Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari as well as surrounding smaller islands and islets. The detailed plan enables the development of the islands for nature and cultural tourism and for recreational uses. The goal is to develop the area as a significant nature tourism destination in the Helsinki archipelago in such a manner that the area’s qualities as a nature reserve and as a valuable cultural and historical site are not endangered. 

New construction in the area is planned for the northeastern part of Vallisaari and the northern part of Kuninkaansaari. New construction is meant to serve nature tourism, and for this purpose enterprises providing catering, event and accommodation services can be located in the area. The plan ensures that sites of high value in terms of nature, culture and history are protected, and the number of maritime recreational areas grows in Helsinki. 

All decisions of the City Council meeting are available on the decisions release page. A decisions release is posted on the page until meeting minutes are published. City Council meeting minutes are available here. (All pages and documents are in Finnish.)