Helsinki City Council considered motions from Councillors and Council groups

The Helsinki City Council convened on 7 October 2020 in a meeting that was attended virtually by some City Councillors. Those Councillors attending the meeting in person at the City Council Chamber did so by following the recommendation to wear a face mask. The meeting considered motions put forward by Councillors and group motions put forward by the Greens and the Social Democratic Party Council groups. 

The Social Democratic Party proposed in their group motion that the City of Helsinki should promote an alteration to the financing of the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) joint municipal authority to the effect that municipalities should cover a larger share of HSL’s expenses in the future than they do at present. 

The group motion put forward by the Greens proposed that 100,000 trees should be planted in Helsinki to boost the appeal and quality of the city, to increase the well-being of the citizens of Helsinki, and to fight climate change and consequent phenomena. 

The City Council approved the City Board’s responses to both motions. 

Motions aroused a lengthy debate 

The number of motions put forward by City Councillors that were considered by the City Council at the meeting was 26. The consideration of some of the motions from Councillors was postponed to the next City Council meeting. 

A great deal of discussion was aroused by motions on offering outdoor outfits to day care centre staff, on a permanent representation of the personnel and an expansion of the personnel oversight in the Rescue Committee, and on an investigation of expert services purchased by the City of Helsinki from external service providers. 

The City Council also decided at their meeting of 7 October 2020 on the principles of selling and leasing a site located in Sörnäinen, and the City Council approved the principles of leasing residential sites and the right of purchase for residential sites located in Pitäjänmäki, Tapaninkylä and Pasila. 

All decisions of the City Council meeting are available on the decisions release page. A decisions release is posted on the page until meeting minutes are published. City Council meeting minutes are available here. (All pages and documents are in Finnish.)