A city market in Helsinki.

Helsinki considers new ways of contributing to the development of the City’s markets, market halls and other special areas

Markets and market halls are among Helsinki’s key attraction factors and constitute one of the most popular services among residents. We wish to foster their operation through development work. Already before the coronavirus crisis, these functions were facing challenges and risks, which have now in part worsened. The aim of the city is to contribute to the improvement of future operating conditions. For this purpose, the city plans to establish a new company, into which the organizations of the City of Helsinki Wholesale Market and Helsingin Leijona Oy would be merged. Our determined aim is to develop the service concepts and operating conditions of markets and market halls.

Market and market hall operations produce well-being around them and various forms of added value for the city, in addition to rental income. Attractive markets, market halls and similar objects increase the attractiveness of their respective areas and have an overall impact on Helsinki’s vitality. The turnover of entrepreneurs operating in these objects is generated not only by travellers but, to a significant extent, by the local population.

”Local knowledge plays an important role in operational development. Urban meeting points like markets and market halls add to the city’s social cohesion, vitality and attractiveness. The cultural and historical value of these objects is beyond doubt, but we need to clarify their service concepts continuously in order to preserve their attractiveness. These areas are among the pearls of Helsinki, and the city must better recognise their overall value in the future, instead of focusing exclusively on rental activities”, says Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

Regarding the City of Helsinki Wholesale Market, the functions being examined are the market halls and markets, the Wholesale Market, the Slaughterhouse, the wholesale area of Sörnäinen, the Green Wholesale Market, Pakastamo (storage and freezing services), the Katariinankatu warehouse, the Malmi hangar as well as small markets and squares with sales activities. Regarding Helsingin Leijona, the functions include the Market Quarters and the short-term development of the Market Square. In addition, the overall operations would include new, separately specified area development objects.
The organisation of the prospective new company’s operations will be specified after completion of the newly initiated analysis. The aim is to strike a balance between rental activities and long-term concept development. Collaboration with the entrepreneurs plays a crucial part here.

According to plans, the new company would start its operations in the summer of 2021

The new company would be established in early 2021 and current operations would be transferred to it in the summer of 2021. The company would be 100 percent owned by the City and an integral part of the City Group. The change would concern the current personnel of the Wholesale Market and Helsingin Leijona, which comprises about 20 persons in total. Formal decision-making in the matter will be based on the ongoing analysis.