Helsinki Cup.

Helsinki Cup 2020 will be held this summer

The annual Helsinki Cup will be held in the summer of 2020. The City of Helsinki, together with numerous experts, has stated they are in support of organising the tournament.

The Finnish government has previously announced that organising sports events and leisure activities will be allowed with special arrangements starting on 1 June. The junior series and the highest divisions of the Football Association of Finland will start. Based on this policy and discussions held with the City of Helsinki and the health authorities, the board of Helsinki Cup has decided that the Helsinki Cup 2020 will be held in the summer.

In its decision of 25 May, the City of Helsinki has expressed its support for the organising of the event as well as its strong involvement in promoting the safe conduct of the event.

“We all thought that we want to return towards the normal with caution and organising the Helsinki Cup is a strong indication of that. We will naturally consider the health of the participants in everything we do and we have made various special arrangements that support the safety of everyone to ensure no one is at risk when participating”, says Kirsi Kavanne, CEO of the Helsinki Cup.

Exceptions include not admitting international teams to the tournament this year at all. This is due to the travel restrictions and the current exceptional circumstances. The number of teams from outside of the Uusimaa region has also been substantially reduced.

The Helsinki Cup introduces a number of other arrangements that differ from the normal situation to ensure that everyone stays safe and in good health. For instance, the opening ceremony and the traditional tournament disco will not be held, the time allowed for teams to enter and leave the field between matches has been increased and the number of spectators has been limited. However, the public is offered the possibility to watch the matches as live streams on their own devices.

Other exceptional measures and matters related to the tournament will be announced in more detail later.

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Photo: Aiko Lohtander, City of Helsinki