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Helsinki offers free digital support at more than 150 locations – equal digital daily life belongs to everyone

Helsinki offers free digital support at more than 150 locations. In recent years, support has also been arranged remotely, and the city is currently developing digital support to be provided at home.

Digital support helps with the use of desktop/laptop computers, tablet computers and smartphones. Digital support is intended for all city residents who need support in everyday digital issues. It follows Helsinki’s strategic goals of inclusion, equality and resident orientation. Digital support is available in many different languages.

– Equal and good digital everyday life belongs to all Helsinki residents. We want to highlight the comprehensive digital support that is available easily and effortlessly, at a low threshold and free of charge around the city. I would like to encourage everyone to take a look at the wide range of digital support and see that help for different digital problems is easily available all over the city, says Ari Tammi, a specialist at the Helsinki City Executive Office.

High-quality digital support is possible thanks to the regular coaching of digital support experts. This includes a regular digital support seminar, which will next be held on 20 May at 9:00–12:00. The topics of the seminar include the effects of future digitalisation in the future and the topical question of what everyone should know about digital preparedness and digital home emergency supplies. The seminar at Helsinki City Hall can be followed live on the Helsinki-kanava channel.

Digital support improves and strengthens the necessary skils

In the week starting on 16 March, the City of Helsinki’s digital support will be visible especially on the streets and in the media. Helsinki will actively communicate about digital support to ensure that everyone is aware of it and can benefit from it.

– When city residents know about digital support, they can easily make use of it. Even if you do not need support right now yourself, you may mention it to others who do, and this way your grandma, grandpa or friend gets support, says Tammi from the City Executive Office.

Support is available in the libraries, service centres, resident centres, youth centres and adult education centres of the City of Helsinki. Remote digital support can be requested at or by calling Helsinki-info on 09 310 11 111. Helsinki-info can also help with requesting digital support to be provided at home.

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Photo: Mika Keijonen, City of Helsinki material bank.