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Helsinki pursues significant leap in international visibility and competitiveness – new company to bring Helsinki Business Hub and Helsinki Marketing together

International competition for skilled workers, investments and innovations is intensifying, even between cities. Helsinki seeks to get ahead of the pack in this race. By combining the operations of Helsinki Business Hub, Helsinki Marketing and Helsinki Abroad in a new company. The objective is to boost Helsinki’s international reputation and to attract even more foreign visitors, businesses, investments and expertise to Finland’s capital.

A recent City of Helsinki study to improve its international awareness, competitiveness and appeal has led to a proposal to consolidate the operations of Helsinki Business Hub, Helsinki Marketing and Helsinki Abroad in late 2020-early 2021. When the merger of the companies’ activities is complete, the relevant personnel will transfer to the new company as existing employees.

– Helsinki’s international appeal and reputation have improved substantially in recent years, thanks to the city’s determined efforts. That being said, we still have a lot to do when compared to many of our European counterparts. This reorganisation aims at a significant new leap in attracting investments, companies and professionals to our city, says Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

The new company’s operating model is based on the city’s strong and clear strategic goals, building Helsinki’s brand and recognition among foreign target groups through targeted international marketing and communications, and drawing in international B2B events and conferences as well as visitors. In addition to this, the company will participate in the development and coordination of the relevant networks and the overall coordination of service paths for foreign businesses. The model is based on the City Strategy’s themes and goals focused on international appeal and economic development.

Turbo-charging Helsinki’s international competitiveness

In the restructured operating model, the incorporated operations aimed at developing Helsinki’s international competitiveness and appeal would be consolidated under one sales and marketing company owned by the city, which would work towards the objectives set forth in the City Strategy.

The objective is to ensure that the new company, which operates in an agile, flexible and customer-oriented manner, can react to changes in the operating environment more efficiently. The company would also facilitate closer collaboration domestically and abroad.

The groundwork for the establishment of the merger will be laid in the next few months, with the intention to present the new organisation to city decision-makers in early 2021. If approved, the new company would begin operations in the spring of 2021.

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