The figure indicates the themes of the current OmaStadi proposals and their numbers.

Learn about the OmaStadi proposals for your area and the entire city

Between March and April, the proposals will be finalised online on the OmaStadi website and in theme workshops.

Exercise and outdoor recreation are topics that interest local residents, which is why related proposals have numbered the highest in all major districts of Helsinki. In almost all areas, the second highest number of proposals pertained to parks and nature.

For Helsinki as a whole, the majority of the proposals relate to communality, health and well-being. Currently, there are 510 proposals on the OmaStadi website. The number of proposals may vary during the co-creation. The final proposals will be completed by 7 May.

Learn about the OmaStadi proposals for your area and the entire city

Development Manager Kirsi Verkka from the Participation and Citizen Information unit encourages all those who are interested to get involved.

“Local residents participated actively in merging and developing proposals on the OmaStadi website, and some have even organised online meetings related to their proposals. Borough liaisons have advised residents to combine similar proposals that pertain to the same service or area, and have also helped the development of the proposals in many ways. Between March and April, experts from the City organisation will also join the co-creation process. The proposals are gradually progressing towards the vote.”

Take part in theme workshops in April

The aim of the theme workshops is to finalise the proposals before cost assessment and voting, together with City experts and local residents. The City experts also comment on the proposals through the website and help residents develop their ideas into proposals that meet the OmaStadi criteria.

Proposals can be edited on the OmaStadi website until 7 May 2021. The borough liaison for your area is the best source of support for developing your idea.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of realising participatory budgeting. The second round of the OmaStadi development efforts began in the autumn of 2020. It provided local residents with the opportunity to present ideas on how the City should spend an appropriation of 8.8 million euros. In total, 1,463 ideas were submitted by the deadline. Based on the OmaStadi criteria, 1,150 ideas were selected for further development. The most popular themes were sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, built environment and communality. Early in the year, the ideas were developed into proposals online and in local workshops. In the theme workshops scheduled to begin in April, City residents will assist in the finalisation of the proposals. The proposals can be edited on the OmaStadi website until 7 May 2021. After this, cost frameworks will be prepared for the proposals. Next autumn will involve selecting the proposals for implementation by means of a vote.

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