Mayor Juhana Vartiainen. Photo: Pertti Nisonen

Mayor Vartiainen invited to Harvard University’s Bloomberg training programme

Mayor Juhana Vartiainen has been selected for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative training programme starting on 29 June 2022. Forty mayors from all over the world participate in the programme each year, along with two senior officials of their choice. The first contact teaching period of the programme takes place in New York 17–21 July 2022.

“I am very pleased to be invited to the joint programme of Bloomberg and Harvard, as the high-quality education will support my work and help further improve Helsinki. The concerns of cities worldwide are the same, although the scale varies. Over the coming year, we will work together to find answers to global or local challenges that are very similar everywhere, in which the role of cities cannot be emphasised enough. Participation in the training programme makes it possible to find the best ways to meet the needs of Helsinki and its residents,” says Mayor Vartiainen.

This is the sixth class of the year-long Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative training programme, implemented in collaboration between Harvard University and the Bloomberg Philanthropies foundation. The aim of the organisers is to increase cities’ ability to rise to challenges in different areas of society and to improve the quality of life of city residents. Satu Järvenkallas, Head of Education Division, and Ville Lehmuskoski, Executive Director of the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki will participate in the training programme for senior officials. The costs of the training programme are covered by the organisers.