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New website opens on Human Rights Day

The City of Helsinki has launched a new website named Human Rights in Helsinki. It is a collection of municipal services and contact persons related to the promotion of gender equality and non-discrimination in Finland's capital.

Human Rights in Helsinki collects information on the city's efforts to improve gender equality and prevent discrimination. The site is aimed at both local residents and municipal employees. The site includes the city’s equality and non-discrimination plans, various ways to promote equality and non-discrimination among city employees, and information on the activities of the city's committees for equality and non-discrimination, as well as its disability and elderly councils.

Visit the new website here.

In recent years, the City of Helsinki has emphasised the importance of human rights at the municipal level, especially from the perspective of gender equality and non-discrimination. The city has strengthened its own human rights efforts in the context of organisational structures, decision-making, personnel matters and services.

Helsinki will continue its determined efforts to promote human rights among its residents and diversity among the city's personnel.

International Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10 December each year. Seventy-two years ago, the United Nations General Assembly accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has served as the foundation for later human rights efforts around the world.

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Photo: Laura Oja, City of Helsinki Media Bank.