OmaStadi is a co-creation platform for residents.

OmaStadi brainstorming to be held between the 5th and 25th of October

Ideas for developing one’s own borough, an area or the entire city can be submitted between the 5th and 25th of October 2020 online at

Information on OmaStadi and support for brainstorming is provided by the Borough Liaisons and in many service points of the City, including libraries and community centres. More detailed information on the events and on the brainstorming support can be found on the website.

The second season of OmaStadi (2020–2021)

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of realising participatory budgeting. In the second round, this means that 8.8 million euros have been reserved for realising residents’ wishes. The next two years will be used for brainstorming and creating common proposals based on the ideas. Finally, voting will take place in autumn 2021. The proposals with the most votes will be realised by the City.

The city has been divided into seven regions, with funds distributed based on population. In addition, ideas can be proposed regarding the development of the entire city, for which a total amount of 1,760,000 euros is available.

“OmaStadi has proven to be a great way of making residents’ voices heard. The second round offers a delightful new opportunity to present ideas for developing our city. For us decision-makers, OmaStadi acts as a window onto what is important for Helsinki residents,” says Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki.

The first season of OmaStadi (2018–2019)

The budget of the first OmaStadi round was 4.4 million euros. The residents submitted 1,273 ideas, of which 296 plans were created and passed on for voting. The City will implement all 44 plans which were successful in the voting.

You can check out the OmaStadi projects to be implemented based on the voting of the first season here.

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The Helsinki of dreams is created together. OmaStadi.

Due to the current pandemic, the schedule of the brainstorming phase of participatory budgeting is subject to change. Possible schedule changes will be published in the service and on the City of Helsinki website

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Published 5 and updated 19 October.