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Public art competition to kick off in the harbour area in Jätkäsaari

The art competition Taidetta Jätkälle kicks off in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki on 28 August 2020. The purpose of the competition is to create a new public work of art in Jätkäsaari. The result will be a site-specific artwork placed in Jätkäsaari, which will reflect the identity of the area. Jätkäsaari has turned into a fast-growing urban neighbourhood, and a hub for passenger traffic. It has a hundred years of port and industry history behind it, which the busy West Harbour of today is a continuation of.

The artwork is meant to be placed near the harbour, and the primary contest area is the yet to be built square called Atlantinaukio. The competition entries can also be created for Madeiranaukio, or for both sites. Atlantinaukio and Madeiranaukio will be built during 2022–2025. 

The bridge Atlantinsilta, which will connect the squares Atlantinaukio and Madeiranaukio, will be completed in spring 2021. Atlantinaukio will become an observation deck with a view towards the sea, and will be directly accessible from the bridge and the harbour’s kiss-and-ride zone. Madeiranaukio, on the other hand, will be situated in the midst of the densely built high-rise urban structure.

The winner of the art competition will be announced in summer 2021

The two-stage competition goes on for almost a year and is open to all applicants. The winner of the competition will be published in summer 2021. According to the preliminary schedule, the winning artwork or another awarded artwork from the competition will be placed in the area by the year 2024. The initiative for the art contest comes from the artist-driven Cooperative Forum Box. The competition is carried out by Forum Box, the Port of Helsinki, the City of Helsinki and HAM Helsinki Art Museum. The artwork will also be added to the HAM collections. The jury of seven includes representatives of all the above-mentioned organisations as well as two representatives chosen by The Artists' Association of Finland.

Read more about the art competition in the competition plan:

The picture is a map with the competition spots marked out.