A group of passionate Helsinki restaurateurs.

Raising HEL: Helsinki’s quality restaurants join forces

Twelve passionate Helsinki restaurateurs have founded the Raising HEL movement on a mission to put the city on the map as one of the exciting culinary capitals of the world. Their aim is to market Helsinki both on a national and an international level through various activations.

Raising HEL also works to encourage collaboration between restaurants, and the scene as a whole. The city of Helsinki sees great potential in the movement: the actions will directly improve the city’s liveliness and help it to recover from the pandemic. The city of Helsinki works closely in collaboration with Raising HEL.

The key founders behind the movement are three restaurateurs: Ville Relander, Saku Tuominen and Anders Westerholm. From the very launch, there is an impressive line-up of Helsinki’s top restaurants coming together.

”Everyone knows that the times are tough right now, but instead of complaining, we’ve focused on building on excitement, actions and collaboration. It’s amazing to see that the rich restaurant culture is also a priority for the city of Helsinki. It’s a joy to work closely together with them”, tells Saku Tuominen.

Raising HEL’s objective is to help ensure that the local restaurant industry survives the ongoing crisis with flying colors, and that Helsinki’s role improves as an exciting culinary destination. As its first campaign, Raising HEL launches a Christmas gift card activation. The end goal is ambitions, yet simple: to encourage every person in the Helsinki area to purchase and gift a restaurant gift card, and to challenge companies to redirect their canceled Christmas party budgets into gift cards for their employees.

"The Christmas party season is the most important time of the year for restaurants. This is a simple and concrete way to support your favorite eatery”, says Anders Westerholm.

You can purchase the gift cards online or directly from the restaurants. All participating restaurants and their gift card shops can be found at raisinghel.fi .

Photo: Tuukka Koski / Koski Syväri