Remu Aaltonen and Minna Tervamäki

Stadin Friidu and Kundi 2022 are Minna Tervamäki and Remu Aaltonen

Every year on Helsinki Day 12.6., the largest Finnish local history association Stadin Slangi ry selects Stadin Friidu and Kundi – ‘Helsinki’s Gal’ and ‘Helsinki’s Guy’ – the best tribute a Helsinki resident can receive.

Ballet dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur Minna Tervamäki has been chosen as Stadin Friidu 2022. Musician Remu Aaltonen was selected as Stadin Kundi.

Minna Tervamäki is an accomplished ballet dancer and choreographer.  She has performed in leading roles and as ballerina of the Finnish National Ballet, and has also appeared in international arenas. Since her career as a dancer, Tervamäki has worked as a dance teacher and lecturer.

Remu Aaltonen is a legendary rock musician, best known as the lead singer and drummer of Hurriganes. His career as a musician spans several decades and thousands of gigs. Aaltonen has also played in other bands and as a solo artist. 


Stadin Slangi ry's pressrelease (in Finnish)

Stadin Slangi ry is Finland’s largest local history association, and one of its important traditions for 25 years has been to select Stadin Kundi and Friidu. Anyone can make nominations, and each year the board of the association independently determines the selection criteria. The range of those selected has indeed been wide and varied. Eva-Riitta Siitonen, Maija Vilkkumaa, Heikki Harma and Jörn Donner are among those previously selected as Stadin Friidu and Kundi.