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Submit your ideas to OmaStadi by 25 October

Ideas for developing one’s own district, an area or the entire city can be submitted between the 5.–25.10.2020 online at omastadi.hel.fi

More than 600 ideas have been submitted to OmaStadi so far. Popular themes have included sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, and communality. The brainstorming phase will end on Sunday 25 October.

Information on OmaStadi and support for brainstorming is provided by the borough liaisons and many City service points, such as libraries and community centres. More detailed information on the events and brainstorming support can be found on the omastadi.hel.fi website.

“I am happy to say that we have received a lot of excellent ideas. It would seem that locals have put a great deal of effort into their proposals. Nearly half of the ideas pertain to sports and outdoor recreation,” says Kirsi Verkka, Development Manager for the Participation and Citizen Information Unit.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of realising participatory budgeting. In the second round, this means that 8.8 million euros have been reserved for fulfilling residents’ wishes. The next two years will be used for brainstorming and preparing proposals together based on the ideas. Finally, voting will take place in autumn 2021. The proposals with the most votes will be realised by the City.

Helsinki has been divided into seven regions, with funds distributed based on population. In addition, ideas can be presented for the development of the entire city, for which a total amount of 1,760,000 euros is available.

The OmaStadi idea submissions will be open 5.–25.10.2020.
The joint development phase will begin with the local workshops to be held in December.

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The Helsinki of dreams is created together. OmaStadi.

Due to the current pandemic, the schedule is subject to change. Possible changes will be published in the omastadi.hel.fi service and on the City of Helsinki website Hel.fi.

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Video: The Helsinki of dreams is created together. OmaStadi.

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