People discussing the OmaStadi vote.

Support is available for voting on OmaStadi

Voting on OmaStadi will continue until 28 October. Personal assistance will be provided at dozens of supported voting locations to ensure a smooth voting process.

Support and assistance for voting is available at various service points of the City of Helsinki and events around Helsinki. If voters do not have the necessary online bank credentials for voting, or if voting is otherwise difficult, they can vote at a supported voting location by showing their ID (ID card/passport, for young people a Kela card). In addition, you can also get information and guidance from all libraries, community centres and service centres of Helsinki.

“It is important to us that all citizens have equal opportunities to vote on OmaStadi. In cooperation with the city’s many services and organisational partners, we have organised polling stations across the city to ensure that the threshold to vote and make a difference is as low as possible. If you have any difficulties with voting, you should visit a polling station,” encourages Borough Liaison Belinda Barbato.

Come discuss and vote on OmaStadi

“I think it’s great that the voter turnout of older people can be better supported in the second round of OmaStadi,” says Director of Kamppi Service Centre Tuija Epäilys.

Service centre customers and residents of senior centres can vote with the assistance of staff. In addition, home care customers have access to voter support through staff and remote groups, among others.

The representatives of African Care and Somalinkieliset ry support their members in the OmaStadi vote. African Care ry organises OmaStadi events for women in Meri-Rastila. Somalinkieliset ry will be present in the Tripla and Kamppi shopping centres on 11–16 October.

“The voting link worked very well, and it was convenient to vote. The proposals were also easy to find by region, which I really liked. The remaining budget clearly showed whether there was still room for further proposals,” says President of Somalinkieliset ry Sagal Hassan, describing his own voting experience.

Participation is an important part of the City of Helsinki’s operations. Helsinki invites its residents and partners to participate in developing the city, its services and its areas. Helsinki is a place of communality, influential actions and encounters.

If you encounter any problems with voting on OmaStadi, you can also call the digital support services on 09 310 10011 (Mon–Fri at 8:00–11:00 during the voting period, from 6 through 28 October 2021).

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