Teurastamo area.

Teurastamo area is the summer’s biggest event terrace in Helsinki

Known for its quality restaurants, bars and unique courtyard, Teurastamo will be filled with free programme for everyone from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the summer.

From the beginning of June to the end of August, each week will start with jazz & jams on Wednesday. Thursdays will give new talents the opportunity to present themselves on the Teurastamo stage: the performances will include a gig and DJ set by the artist. On Fridays, the area will be filled with DJ gigs, with styles ranging from classic popular hits to contemporary dance music. The programme for summer Saturdays will include events like the traditional Teurastamo Jazz festival and the Teurastamo Wrestling evening. On Sundays, you can relax on the terraces with DJ music playing in the background.

Teurastamo offers recreational activities and pastimes for everyone. The large, summery courtyard provides a nice setting for relaxing in a hammock, playing street basketball and ping-pong, throwing darts and cooking on the newly renovated, shared barbecue. Located in the park area, the barbecue can be used by anyone from the morning until nine in the evening. There is a large sandbox for children. You can also enjoy art at the Kohta Gallery and wash off the dirt of the day in Teurastamo’s private sauna.

In addition to its renowned restaurants, the area hosts a bakery, coffee roastery, butcher’s shop, fish shop, fish smokehouse, ice cream factory, soda factory and distillery. You can also buy products to take away.

More information available from:

Teurastamo website: https://teurastamo.com/